The Arimathea approach to investment screening is rooted in Christian beliefs and values. Incorporating thoughtful guidelines that promote Catholic moral theology is paramount to being able to provide our Catholic investors with faith-driven portfolios that also deliver positive financial returns.

Our diligent and detailed screening process that filters investments focus on:

Long-term asset appreciation aligning harmoniously with the wisdom of the Church

Mitigating struggle with the morality of investments for devout Catholic investors, no conscience compromise

Avoiding companies that have dubious or immoral practices that do not fundamentally adhere to Catholic ethical and social teachings

Analyzing not just the business activities of companies, but also their practices and policies. Special care is devoted to the companies’ attitudes towards religious freedom and gender ideology, and

Partnered with Catholic investment research company, Altum Faithful Investing®, Arimathea incorporates thoughtful guidelines that integrate Catholic moral theology, which is the foundation of the portfolio. By adhering to the Altum Investment Guidelines, the portfolios are constructed with four principles in mind: Human Dignity, Family, Human Life, and Creation.

Altum Investment Guidelines

The Creation

We seek to promote the implementation of practices that foster co-responsibility with the environment, (without falling into the trap of greenwashing), aimed at preserving Creation for future generations. We value practices and actions that promote the reduction of abusive environmental impact.


We seek to invest in companies or assets that promote and recognize the social virtues and social value of the family. We avoid investing in companies or assets whose actions and practices actively attack the Catholic understanding of marriage and the family.

Human Life

Build your own investment portfolios that support the culture of life, free of abortion, contraception, indiscriminate weapons, or euthanasia. We support policies and initiatives that protect human life from conception until natural death.

Human Dignity

Every human being has dignity that must be respected and protected. We help you to design portfolios that, among other things, preserve the dignity of your stakeholders, help to curb pornography, promote human freedom from addictions or respect religious freedom.

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