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Our Catholic faith changes everything about us. It changes how we see the world, how we work, pray, and love others. But what about our investments? Do we set our faith aside in exchange for what we hope will be more money?

There is a way to pursue your financial goals while living your Catholic witness to the world.

The way is with Arimathea.

Arimathea is where investing without moral compromise meets high-quality advice and investment management. No longer must Catholics choose between our faith and finances. With our diversified, purpose-built allocations, you’ll own professionally managed portfolios without moral compromise.

The Future of Investing

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced investment analysts and strategists specifically developed Arimathea to provide the investor with sound financial returns while aiming to allow them to remain faithful to and promote the Catholic moral creed.

Choosing Christian-focused portfolios is a proactive and intentional way for investors to truly make a long-lasting and positive impact in the advancement of Catholic teachings and values. This investment type strives to meet the needs of those faithful investors ready to prioritize their long-term financial returns and align their investments to the Catholic Church’s mission of creating a more ethical, moral and just society.

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Investing with virtue meets high-quality advice and investment management.

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